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I posted prior about an RPM specific growl I thought was coming from my trans between 2000 and 1700 in 5th gear when you let off the gas. After putting 2" blocks in the growl appeared and my launch shudder became worse. I suspected the shudder was adding an rpm specific vibration causing the growl. This weekend I lowered my carrier bearing 1 1/2" and the launch shudder and growl are gone!!!!

The shudder was bad enough to cause the rubber boot to rub on the cross member. Not sure how long before it would have rubbed through. After lifting I babied it off the line. Now my launches are so smooth I'm catching myself still babying it. The original location set the front shaft level if not angled up just a hair. The new location has both shafts in a straight line. IMHO the carrier brg is set too far from the rear yoke creating a lever arm and adds too much vibration for the rubber carrier to contain.

So much for needing a one piece drive shaft.
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