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wont start hot

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mid 80"s 6.2 n/a will not start hot. Seems to be heatsoak related. pulled top off pump and found fuel control solenoid was cracked and replaced it.

Funny tho, if i jumper the cold start solenoid under this condition engine starts right up. Any thoughts? TIA!
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I'll throw another one in here.

It's the starter, put a starter on it.

Let me guess, it starts fine cold, it starts fine when the glow plugs cycle, it starts fine after it sits a couple hours.

Seems to be the worst 10min- 1 hour after you shut it off, or when it does start you have to crank a bit longer.

If that sounds like you, put a starter on it. When the starter gets old, amplified by heat, it starves the fuel pump solenoid for the 10+volts it needs to fire, so the fuel never turns on.

Now the starter will get it running, and keep it running, but your real problem is the pump. When you jumper the solenoid it unseats the check ball and allows fuel to flow thought the pump easier, actually it lowers the housing pressure, less head pressure for the pump. when you get cool fuel in there pops right off.

You have more than one problem, but a starter will most likely cover the other up for a while.
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Your right, I agree the rebuilt pump bites, and next one you get is just as big of a gamble.

That's why I push for just putting a starter on it, and leaving the pump alone.
It will be interesting, I have tried that, and never gotten it to work, but usually I am doing it because the batteries are dead or weak anyway.

A couple thoughts, I was told never put in a bigger battery than what is called for, because it will burn the starter up faster, Also even though you have powered the fuel pump solenoid from a seperate source and you will probably hear it click on, the engine still has to turn over at a minimum of 100 rpm. Obviously it tought to hear the difference between 150 and 50 rpm.

Last spring we were out in my Suburban, stopped at a gas station for a Soda, when I came out a guys stops me and asks if I know anything about the 6.2's. He had the same problem you describe. Hot spring day, melting the snow off. He was towing a trailer, just shut it off while the wife and kids ran to the restroom. 15min later no start.

He cranked it over, and it sounded like it cranked fine, but when I shut mine off and restarted it, you could hear the difference, it was dramatic. He was suprised since his starter was "new"

He looked at me funny when I put snow on the injector pump and starter until I got them cool to the touch. He hopped in and it popped right off.

That is the main reason I try not to shut mine off, they will keep running, if you can get them started.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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