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It sounds to me like you may have low compression. This could be for whatever reason, bad valves, rings or whatever.

There are no electronics that should be affected by a hot soak condition.

You say you jumper the “cold start solenoid”, I assume you mean the glow plug solenoid. It sounds like you are getting just enough “boost” out of the glow plugs to ignite the fuel and start the engine.

I think we also need to define “hot”. When I think of hot I think I shut it off for say 5 minutes after driving about 10 miles. If you let it sit for about an hour, you may need the glow plugs to get it going again.

One other thing, the glow plug circuit has about 4 switches that will energize the glow plugs under various conditions. It one of these switches has gone bad you may not be getting the glow plugs when you need them.

I took the factory glow plug switch out years ago and just use a manual switch.
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