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Witch lift pump

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I have been reading all night on lift pumps and Im wondering witch one to get. I have jioned the wont start with out priming club and Im looking for the best way to fix the trouble.
TTS pump is around 500 and Kennedy is 800. besides price witch set up is the easyest to install and why should I pay 800 and not 500?
thanks Earl
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You will pick up HP if your running big tunning. On a stock truck you wont see crap IMHO.

The pumps from kennedy and TTS are the same pumps......just differences in electronics, mounting, and price.

Or you can peice together your own kit with other pumps. Many other choices......

In answer to your question though.......If you have to prime your truck to start it you dont need lift pumps. Lift pumps will just be a bandaid to a problem you have. IMO investigate the actual problem and fix it.
tysmith;1563236; said:
I could care if you could hook up to the factory plastic connections. I think it's better to have one less spot for a leak. :rolleyes:
I'm lazy and like the factory quick connects so I dont have to drop my tank :D
Never installed a pick up on my 03 ;) I will put lift pumps on my truck, look at my comand vrs actual.....if I have a fuel issue then I will add a pick up.

I duno if they dyno shows the full story. My truck didnt throw a fuel code on the dyno.....but on the street.....I think the fuel trying to fight the acelleration and such......I know my old truck the lift pumps mad a HUGE difference SOTP.......and I am hoping and assuming that my current truck will respond the same way. JMO
JMO on fuel pumps buuuuut.......unless its rated for continuos use and diesel fuel I wouldnt use it unless you dont mind or plan ahead for it dieing. Some pumps dont like diesel fuel and or continious use and it sucks to find out its not up to the task the hard way. If it dosnt say and the manufacturer dont say than assume it dosnt. Or atleast let someone else be the guine pig to find out ):h

My truck ran with a dual non flow through pump set up that wasnt pumping......not very well and not vary fast.....but you could probably limp it along.......
I think thats with no restriction. How many PSI you have is just a measure of restriction. With any pump once you take it out of free flow the and the PSI goes up the GPH or how ever flow is measure goes down.

Dont know the answer to the question though on #'s
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