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Witch lift pump

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I have been reading all night on lift pumps and Im wondering witch one to get. I have jioned the wont start with out priming club and Im looking for the best way to fix the trouble.
TTS pump is around 500 and Kennedy is 800. besides price witch set up is the easyest to install and why should I pay 800 and not 500?
thanks Earl
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Diesel Tech;1562899; said:
As you recall I posted the pump manufactures web site and John said they were not the pumps he used, I said they increased power output and post dyno graphs to go along with it, John said they were not needed and did not increase power output now he does. I also said 2 pumps were needed for bigger power output John said only 1 was necessary as they would not increase power. I design the original billet pickup and John said it wasn't needed and now he has copied it and said it's needed. So what do you want me to fess up? :D
So you are telling me I will gain hp simply by bolting on a lift pump?
Please post a link to the graphs.
Nobody cares but me I guess. Since the TTS and Kennedy setups have the same pump, (according to a previous post), what is the flow on a single pump--gph at what pressure, and the twin pump setups?
Curious minds want to know.
I'm leaning toward the kennedy wiring harness...sweet, well thought out setup. I think this is the main attraction.
Pump question is...why spend 190 on an edelbrock..isn't a kennedy single the same price? I could see it if the edelbrock was 100 or so.
The edelbrock IS a flow through design?

BTW, when will the wiring harnesses be back in stock?
How do yo tap into a power source? Do you tap into the fuse block underhood? Do you go directly to the battery with an inline fuse?
Please do tell.
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