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I am trying to figure the wipers on my Apache project. I would put this in a different section, but I thought that there was a member here that might have gone through this already.
Anyway, the question I have is was the 58 wiper assembly vacuum or electric? I am trying to use a set up from an 85 but there is quite a bit of differences between the 2 set ups. I think I have the wiper arm to wiper arm figured out, just have to add some length to the 1 side. Then I will have to figure out how to mount the motor. I am going 12 volt and want to use the motor from the 85.
Any suggestions? I had not started mounting anything yet and only started working on the arm assemblies out of the truck. I was thinking of just putting a 60s Bronco motor to each wiper arm as that is how they are set up, but not sure on that plan.
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