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Window tinting

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Im always tinting windows on something so i thought it would be pretty cool to have a thread with some tips and tricks. Just from what little iv learned its a lot easier than it use to be but im still far from a pro at it. Everyone that has experience with it post up some info on it, stuff like the proper tools to use, differnt ways of doing stuff and something that i need help with is what to spray on the tint, iv been using soap and water but its doesnt seem to work the best.
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I did my back glass tonight and was real happy with it, it turned out better than any time before, i think im gonna do my 2 front glasses tomm, so far iv tinted all my windows except for the strip on the windshield, and i did do that on my s-10 it wasnt as hard as i thought.
tad83k;1539036; said:
Always remember you ge what you pay for when it comes to window tinting. I've always used 3M window tint, its a bit pricey but I've never had any problems with peeling years down the road.

Iv been using the Gila brand from advanced auto parts, seems to be pretty good but i guess time will tell. Its only about 10 bucks a roll.
motorbreath;1539712; said:
Dont forget to have the sharpest knife possible.

Agreed, That makes a lot of differnce. I got a razor blade with the kit i got last night and i did my back glass and front side ones tonight and it is already shot. they recommend getting a new blade after every window.

Im still no pro but i feel a lot more comfortable with it now, ill get some pics up later, im gettin good but i still find myself making some rookie mistakes, like tonight i thought the window was up and i started cutting the bottom and then i realized that the window was rolled down:( ,had to go to town and but another roll to finish, oh well, it turned out good in the end and wass a lot cheaper still
Well my front ones didnt turn out like i thought they did. From the inside the look flawless but from the out side it looks like its got big bubbles scattered everywhere. It was kinda cool inside and freezing outside do yyall think it was to cold, im hopin maybe the sun will bring them out but i dunno, if not im just gonna tear it back off and try again, im gonna give it a couple weeks though to give the sun a chance to hit it, its not really that bad but i still cant stand it
Yeah i used a squeege and i didnt notice the bubble till i got it outside this morning, so im thinking they probably popped up last night while it was sitting in the shop. I read that on the net somewhere, i hope your right, it said on there it could take up to a month for them to come out depending on how much sunlight it got.
I understand that, but i kinda enjoy it, the only way they have become pros at it is practice anyway, we can be just as good as them if we get a lot of experience.
maxy;1543484; said:
Its normal for bubbles to appear.Its the drying process and its normal.Of course dont open your windows while bubbles are present.

It wierd though, from the inside you cant see them for nothing, i used a special spray instead of the soap and water like i use to, but it looks like theres soap suds in it or something, its got those purple and pink colors like a soap sud
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