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first things first, this is going to be a bit of a long post with several pics and a couple videos.

im going to first explain relays (for those how don't know and to make it easier to understand)

most relays have 5 pins. they are 85, 86, 87, 87a, and 30. 85 and 86 are the "control" side of the relay. the other 3 are the "load" side. the control side is the low current side controlled by the switch. the load side is the high(er) current side and is controlled internally of the relay. I mostly see pin 30 and voltage input (but not in this case, wait and read below) and then with the control side off power flows to pin 87a. when you apply power and ground to the control side of the relay it swaps from pin 87a and goes to 87.

Now for the wiring to this application:
I had bought relays of epay and they included the wiring plug and wire pigtails. now the ones I bought had 2 pins on each relay tied to each other. (pin 87 and 86) So I removed the door panel and found the wiring that goes to the window motor. I cut the wires to the motor in the area I wanted to mount the relays. The wires that go to the motor I put to pin 30 (one wire to each relay) The wires that now connect to the switch I put to pin 85 (again, one to each relay). Now for pin 86, 87a (both relays) I tied together and ran them into the cab and grounded them to the cab sheetmetal. for pin 87 I ran the wire to a constant hot (doesn't have to be constant, just I have a lot of wires coming from my fuse block already, so I just ran right to a battery with a fuse installed inline) Now that everything is wired test before you put the door panel back on to be sure it works like its suppose to. After you confirm it works, put the door panel back on and repeat on the other side. Another thing, if you would like the windows to work whether the key is on or not, just remove the circuit breaker/fuse and apply constant power to the right tang the breaker makes contact with.

Video of d/s window before hand:

Video of d/s window after relays (the part about the work without key on has been undone. the po somehow has the blower motor tied into the window circuit so I had to unhook that part)

pic of door panel off (d/s in my case the wires for the motor are blue and black they are the ones with the butt connectors on them)

here is a pic of it all wired up (thought it kinda hard to decipher if I took pics one wire connection at a time) I mounted the relays under the metal for the arm rest and there the door panel bulges out so you have room to mount them without the relays interfering with the door panels.

this might help some that are more visual

fyi a little ledger for that.
* the little horse things are saying the wire is separate of the wire it runs across
* nc is normally closed (aka control side not active this pin has connection)
* no is normally open (when control side isn't active this pin has no connection to pin 30)
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