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...OK Diaric!! lol

I work at MEG Energy in Conklin...there are no electrical plug ins at the camp there.

I just bought a Webasto TSL-17 inline Diesel fired Coolant heater off some guy in quebec on e-bay. $ 1145 shipped. BNIB with the timer.

Went to Greenline in Calgary and bought 15' of 3/4 blue heater hose, and 15 ' of ~1/8" fuel line as i didn't like the silly hard plastic stuff that came in the kit. Then to CDN Tire for some extra hose clamps...can never have too many of those.!

It took about 4 hours to install...sorry, I have pics at home on the big camera..but I'm at work in Conklin..I'll post em up when Im on days off. I installed the unit right between the outer cooler and the grill sitting on the lower angle bracket that connects the rad support. Perfect spot. Ran the two 3/4 hoses through the pass side to the heater line.

Works like a damn boys.! Put timer on for 4AM and when I get to the truck about 5:40 the temp is up to 150F. Starts like it was the middle of July.


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