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which winch which winch which winch?

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I got a little carried away on the title, but seriously I am looking to get a warn 16.5ti and bumper. Which 16.5 ti accomodation bumper looks best in your opinion. BTW, it's going on my '07 K3500 classic. Any suggestions or pics?

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Tom S. - yeah, I guess it's more of a bumper question, a bumper ta accomodate the 16.5ti.

schulte, I need a serious winch. It may not turn out to be my best option but I have a heavy skidsteer that I've stuck 4 times in 4 months. I thought about a rear winch for the SS, but that is more weight and extra length. So I am hoping if I stick it again, it will be accessible to my truck to winch it out.

What about wireless remotes for the 16.5ti. Can I get one and how far is the reception. Unless someone is in the SS, it will not move. So I would need to be in the SS and winching myself with my truck.

Timmy2500, I've seen the road armor in magazines and like it. I also like fab fours, but I'll have to see if they make one for a Chevy.

I would rather have too much winch than not enough.
I received a catalog from ARB, but I did not like it as much as Road Armor.
well, I have a piece of equipment that often gets stuck due to the conditions I run it in. The winch for my truck was one of my options for recovery, but equipment accessibility may be a problem sometimes.
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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