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which winch which winch which winch?

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I got a little carried away on the title, but seriously I am looking to get a warn 16.5ti and bumper. Which 16.5 ti accomodation bumper looks best in your opinion. BTW, it's going on my '07 K3500 classic. Any suggestions or pics?

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rutwad;1554584; said:
What about wireless remotes for the 16.5ti. Can I get one and how far is the reception. Unless someone is in the SS, it will not move. So I would need to be in the SS and winching myself with my truck.
Warn has a Warning Notice on their website about the compatibility of using the currently available Radio/Wireless Remote Control Devices with a WARN Winch.

For WARN Self-Recovery winches, the currently available Radio/Wireless Remote Control devices clearly disable the WARN backup (redundant) winch switching control functions. This is because the Radio/Wireless Remote Control Devices utilizes three (3) control wires while the WARN remote switch utilizes five (5) control wires. The five (5) control wires are critical to proper function.

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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