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Which Tires Road and good ETs

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What is the best Tire for the Road and still give decent 60 fts.

I have been running 265x75x16 BFG "D" rated Kos for many years and race with the same tires at the track. I do lower the tire pressure at the track.

Lately I have been thinking about buying new tires, same KOs but "E" rated. Will the "E" rated tire give less favorable 60fts vs the "D" rated tire ?

Also, Does anyone run BFG Rugged Trail T/A 265x75x16 E rated tires and would those be a better tire for the strip than the KOs? (The rugged trail is more of a road tire)

For the record, I have great results with the BFG KO tires off road and need a good tire when I pull my travel trailer. I despise tire problems.
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You are compromising here.....gota pick your level of compromise. I would think a thinner sidewall would work better.....but I never tried back to back with the same tire to find out.

Have you kept airing down the backs till the tires spin on the rim or you go slower? I left alot more in the fronts when it was all said and done.

Good compond will be soft. Soft sucks for wear.
I ran more air in the fronts and much less in the rears. I'd have to look at my logs but IIRC I started around 45 or so fronts and 28 in the rears......then kept droping rears till they spun.

Also how are you spinning? If its happening imediatly its tires.....if its happening once you start to roll its suspention.
What I mean is.......if you spin immediatly(and its hard to tell sometimes if its imediat or a foot out) you are over powering your tires ability to hold the power. So you need less power, grippier track or to do something with the tire(tire pressure, or just change the tire completly) If you are spinning a bit outa the hole its more than likely in the suspention(unless you hit a slick spot, or the truck just comes on too hard etc). Make sense? Figure out whats the problem and go after that.
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