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Which Tires Road and good ETs

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What is the best Tire for the Road and still give decent 60 fts.

I have been running 265x75x16 BFG "D" rated Kos for many years and race with the same tires at the track. I do lower the tire pressure at the track.

Lately I have been thinking about buying new tires, same KOs but "E" rated. Will the "E" rated tire give less favorable 60fts vs the "D" rated tire ?

Also, Does anyone run BFG Rugged Trail T/A 265x75x16 E rated tires and would those be a better tire for the strip than the KOs? (The rugged trail is more of a road tire)

For the record, I have great results with the BFG KO tires off road and need a good tire when I pull my travel trailer. I despise tire problems.
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ratlover;1565204; said:
You are compromising here.....gota pick your level of compromise. I would think a thinner sidewall would work better.....but I never tried back to back with the same tire to find out.

Have you kept airing down the backs till the tires spin on the rim or you go slower? I left alot more in the fronts when it was all said and done.

Good compond will be soft. Soft sucks for wear.
With the "D" rated KOs, I have lowered the tire pressures to 32 rear and 34 fronts. The 265x75x16 Kos have not spun on the rim from my markings and I have managed to run some 1.82 + 60fts.
I am not a real diehard track racer( anymore), though when I do go I would hate to run slower 60fts by changing to E rated tires. Of course a more suitable road tread pattern like the BFG Rugged Trail T/A tread pattern might be a plus. :confused:
I just notice on the BFG website that the Rugged Trails were a 2-ply carcass and not 3-ply as advertised for the KOs. Since I get off road I can't afford sidewall cut tires and flats, so I will just stick with my BFG KOs and hope the "E" rated tire performs well enough. Hopefully I will notice no difference as Brett6.6 experienced.


On 4 wheel launches, I spin a little off the line is all. I think without adding HP the tires will work okay.
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