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which pump do I have

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while changing the water pump I was looking around on my engine and noticed that I can't find a PMD on further examination and after checking stanadyne's website I do believe I have a DB- pump and not a DS. how do I know for sure, what #s am I looking for on the ID tag

Thanks all
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No EGR, makes life easier on the engine... kinda like keeping it from becoming a chain smoker in the intake. ;)

If you have a vacuum wastegate, you shouldn't be able to move the wastegate actuator at idle. It should have a solid hold on keeping the WG shut.

If you have a 97+ cooling system, the previous owner maybe have been a savvy owner, maybe even an internet board member. There are a few secrets floating around about improvements, found mostly on the net, and certainly NOT found at a dealer. There is a resource out there for converting your DS4 pump back to a DB2 pump, and I'm wondering if you may have such a vehicle. Mechanical linkage to the accelerator pedal is the key. If you have a convert - you may have a combination of a mechanical linkage with the fly-by-wire pedal in place still. Pics of the pedal maybe easier. Do you have a service throttle soon light on the dash board during cranking/bulb check?
Mechanical pump... you have a convert on your hands... a blessed dyed in the wool mechanical non-electronic pump.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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