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which pump do I have

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while changing the water pump I was looking around on my engine and noticed that I can't find a PMD on further examination and after checking stanadyne's website I do believe I have a DB- pump and not a DS. how do I know for sure, what #s am I looking for on the ID tag

Thanks all
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Is a DB2 mech inj IP, is not '97 t-stat crossover, is '94 - check vacuum lines to vacuum pump
Your converted truck uses a stand-alone TCM for the 4L80E - the TCS is that module on the passenger-side of the IP.

You won't have a SES.

Vacuum was bypassed because you have no PCM to control the wastegate....or the FSD....or the EGR....or the Cruise....or the glow plugs....or th....but, you get my drift, right?

Look on the back of the IP for the Stanadyne spec label, post the color of that label, and the DB2-xxx-xxxx number, thereon
You have the dreaded 6.2 pump in 6.5 wool - should have been DB2-831-4911'ish.

The -829 means 8 cylinder head, with 0.29" plunger bore - should have 0.310" bores.

But, it'll getcha to Wal-Mart and back.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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