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Where to purchase synthetic lubes

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Looking for synthetic gear oil, tranny fluid, and Syntorq LT. I need to change the fluids in my drivetrain and am looking for alternatives to Amsoil and dino. Lubes that can be purchased off the shelf are preferred.
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mobil-1 from wallyworld!!
They have the 80/90 and ATF in synthetic at Wallyworld? What is the equivalent of Syntorq LT for the NV4500?
Where are you located?
Near Richmond, VA. Thought I had that in my profile
amsoil can be sent right to your door. i keep a small stock in my garage at all times. enough to change my oil once or twice before i have to order again
packratt;1562439; said:
Near Richmond, VA. Thought I had that in my profile
Okay. If in MI I know a few places.
Schaeffer Oil--oldest oil co. in the country.And they're in your state I believe but it does'nt matter--go to their site.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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