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I just had a 6" FABTECH lift installed. I still need wheels and tires. After the install I noticed that H2 wheel and tire take-offs will fit stock spindles and a-arms (with some correct lift) at a very
cheap price!!

My lift requirs 4 5/8" BS as a min. The H2 wheels have 5.5" BS. If I'd had a Superlift or Pro-Comp, or some other that used factory spindles 9steering knuckles) I would have tires and wheels by now!

Think about this if doing a lift!!

I did have one crazy idea: :idea: I need to replace the brake rotors at some point because they are becoming rutted. Does the HD3500 SRW or DRW have a different rotor which would push the BS out by and inch??

If anyone knows, I would appreciate some insite!!

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