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What's the rule on posting links?

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I'm not a vendor or affiliated with any vendor but whenever I've tried to post a link to a vendor site, it gets removed. What's the rule on this?

Here's the rule from the FAQ:

"If you are a vendor (or have any ties to a vendor) and are NOT a supporting vendor of Diesel Place, you are prohibited from advertising your company's products and/or services on the forum. This includes usernames, links, posts, signatures, private messaging other members, etc.. Anyone found violating this is subject to immediate banning from Diesel Place."
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You've tried to poast a link to a vendor site?

Which one?
Rule defined is that you can't link to a non paying vendor of the site, you can dicsuss them or refeerence that you have their products, but no direct web linking is allowed, unless it is a vendor that pays to advertise here as either vendor or limited vendor. Ergo if they show in the vendor list you can direct link to their web sites.

We have allowed on occasion very limited basis for a non vendor to be linked for informational purposes , (" hey guys check out this neat hood scoop at this site.....) provided that linking is not used in a marketing effort of the product being linked to, or if the product linked to does not compete directly with products our supporting vendors markets.

For example if you find a web site for the best driveway cleaner product in the world in your opinion, and you don't sell it yourself, or are in someway compensated for selling it a link to something like that as a heads up to others probably would be allowed to stay.

Mods here are usually pretty good in sorting those issues out, if in doubt ask any mod in PM if it's okay to post the link.
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I had tried to point to a funny article on **********.
Someone else had tried to point to the Heath TM.

Now that I know what you're looking for, I will abide.
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