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GREASE FIRE;1551963; said:
i am getting a 140 amp alternator, does anyone know what the largest power inverter i could run off it would be?
I'm not sure I fully understand the question. But, a typical 140 amp alternator only puts out that amount at top-rated RPM. You'd need to know it's full-time use rating and at what speed. Also, some 120 and 140 amp alternators already have an AC tap and don't need inverters (e.g. Leece Nevilles/Prestolites). For example, if it is safe to put out a steady 100 amps - at 14 volts - which is 1400 watts - then anything up to a 1400 watt inverter would be a good setup. Most inverters are #1 fuse/breaker protected, and it would stop working if you called for more current that it's rated for, and #2 they are input-voltage protected and shut down at around 11 VDC.
I use a 4000 watt inverter off my 6.2 diesel Suburban to run power tools. You can buy it for $140 - pretty good deal. But, I also have an aux. deep-cycle battery installed. It is charged by the alternator, but is also isolated from the other two starting batteries. The 4000 watt inverter is hooked to the aux. battery instead of the alternator. This way I can use it even when the engine is not running and the size of the alternator doesn't matter.
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