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What year was auto climate control introduced?

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I'm researching used trucks and was curious what year the auto climate control was introduced? Also, was it introduced into the Chevys and GMCs in the same year?

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Timmy2500;1557319; said:
The 02's with the LT package did for sure, and possibly 01's had Auto climate control but there was not a digital readout
When you say there was not a digital readout, what did the dash look like? Does it look similar to the 3 manual knobs (fan, temp, and vent settings)?
Better yet, can someone tell me how to positively identify whether a truck has auto temp control on it when looking at a picture of the dash? Is it distinctly different than the 3 manual control knobs?
Thanks for the feedback and the pics! That's exactly what I needed to see.

Do the earlier (2001-2002) auto climate controls seem to function as well as the newer digital ones?

1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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