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You can create a tune and read log files but you cannot reflash a vehicle with it. I beleive you can even borrow someone's Flashscan V1 or V2 and log data with the demo version but I'm not 100% sure about that. It is a really good way to see what you can do and what others have done if you aren't sure you want to purchase it or not. After playing with the demo you will really want the real deal.

FlashScan V1 and V2 contain components that allow the information from your ECM to be downloaded and converted into an understandable format in our software. Only our hardware can interpret this data.

The software download is just software - it gives you an idea of what can be acheived with our product and what you can modify. You can download tunes from the Tune library to view and compare, but thats about it. To fully utilise the software you need to have FlashScan connected to your PC to allow you to save changes to your tunes and obviously read/flash your tune from your vehicle

1 - 6 of 6 Posts