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I have a 06 lbz cc/sb 4x4. I'm getting into an auto transport business and I'm having a tug of war between to people I look up to for advice on what trailer to pull. One gentlemen from kaufman trailers says my 2500 will only handle a two car gooseneck and that if I go any higher I need to get a dually. Then again I have another friend that's been in the business that's telling me my lbz had the torque and the suspension to tow a three car trailer. He just told me to go to Rickson wheels and tires and upgrade to load range f or g tires on their 19.5" heavy duty rims. PLEASE someone shed some light on this and help me make this desicion. I know I need a dually to tow a 4 or 5 car trailer but I would think the 3/4 lbz is stout enough to pull a 3 car one. Thanks for any response!!
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