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First welcome to the froum.

For your info.

The 2001 model year is unique in the respect that many first year runs incur changes throughout the year and many changes were made . If I was looking used I would be looking for a late 2001 or a 2002. JMHO

Depending on body style I would be looking for a 1 piece driveshaft, preferably the "telephone pole" aluminum one.

Next I would look at the hours meter, this is done by holding down the reset for the trip OD when the truck is off. High hours with low miles doesn't mean anything is bad but could raise suspicians if way out of whack.

Look for any leaks especially under the truck. I would also look for fresh paint, overspray in the jambs or any thing out of the ordinary.

CarFax has a special IIRC on reports. It's worth the $$$$$.

As with any used truck or car see if the previous owner can be contacted.


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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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