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Hello all, got a few questions for the turbo gurus.
Just acquired a WH1C from a guy for a great deal. Tore it down for a rebuild with updated oiling parts and to clean it up to find the turbine wheel is 54/60 mm instead of the standard 70/60. This was due to the inducer tips having been melted off.
Wondering if I can install the independently balanced hx35 turbine wheel with 70/60mm and a balanced hx35 56/83 compressor wheel (matches current wheel measurements) and run it without further machining. I'm not overly familiar with the WH1C and HX35 differences.
Also curious if there is any benefit in our application, to a 10 blade turbine wheel instead of a 12 blade. I understand it may reduce back pressure at the expense of spool time.
I will be running this turbo at 20psi mainly towing.
Thanks folks.
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