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The rules.
Single turbocharger unlimited size
#2 only
water injection allowed
NO hanging weights
Must be licensed and registered in your state
Weight class 8000lbs
Must have full interior
Front Bumper unaltered sorry no ranch hands
NO aftermarket transmission Must be OEM out of a 1 ton or smaller (built transmissons are okay)
Engine must be out of 1 ton or smaller pickup
Engine swaps are allowed
DOT tires no studs, cut, or sharpened tires
26" hitch height
Truck must have air shut off or intake pipe or an ignition kill swith (the easiest)

You must be a member to pull. Their are only 20 spots open for the points. 150 dollars is required March 1st or 250 dollars by April 1st. 50 dollars pays your insurance and the other 100 by march 1st or 200 dollars by April 1st will be put into the points fund for the end of the year. that money does not have to come out of your pocket. ask some one for a sponsor its only 100 dollars their name will be anouced at the pulls and printed on posters for advertisement.
Cost for each hook at the track will be 10 dollars and that will go towards the points money for the end of the year.
Pull Pay out
The top 5 from each pull
(depends on promotor for pay out)
$800 purse
1 $250
2 $175
3 $150
4 $125
5 $100

$1000 purse
1 $300
2 $225
3 $200
4 $150
5 $125

You end up getting your membership money back if you place in the top 5 once.

End of year points
Top 5 pay out the puses is expected to be 3000 dollars or more and will be payed out to the top 5 in points for the year.

All pulls will be held in the Western New York Area. You do not have to attend every pull.
If you have any questions Call me
Eric 716 983 7248

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where at?

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primarily south of Buffalo NY.
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