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Hello my name is Dorian Powell, and I am the administrator of Pacific iron Mountain club.

This club is geared towards people in the Pacific Northwest. But is always open to new members to matter where you live or even if you have a diesel or not ( this includes people who don't even have trucks )

This club also does not discriminate on what kind of vehicle you have or how you use it.

The only requirements are to keep levelheaded, and to have fun.

So enjoy.

If you have any problems or concerns PLEASE DO NOT hesitate to ask me and i will me more than glad to answer them.

Sincerely, Dorian :cool:

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Rob out here in WA. Live in the Tahuya forest where all the ORV action happens. Just wanted to get with other DMAX heads. In the Navy so I will be out to sea somtimes so may not get to go to some of the meets. Like to go to OR dunes so if you are going let me know might meet up with you down there.
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