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Weeping fuel lines

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Well after about six months of burning B-100, my rubber fuel lines (as predicted) are weeping copious amounts of bio-diesel. I'd like to replace them with synthetic. Anyone ever changed all their fuel lines before? Any advice or instructions would be greatly appreciated.
Just in case anybody is wondering my truck is otherwise running very nicely on 100% bio-diesel which I purchase at the pump of a local gas station. I drive up, fill up, pay up, and drive away with a much cleaner burning fuel that is American grown.:cool2:
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Sorry to join the discussion late, but I would recommend the Gates 4219 line for fuel hose. While Gates will claim they have no products in the US rated for biodiesel, in Europe they are more than happy to rate the 4219 line for biodiesel. The fuel line has a fluoroelastomer (CPE) lining, for low permeability (which gives it the biodiesel resistance).


This part # is available in the US as well. I bought some a year ago from a national distributor for gates products (I think they were in WA, i forget the name). It was well under $1 per foot (near $0.50), far cheaper than viton and also reinforced.
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