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"Water In Fuel" Light came on

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Hi all? I have a problem.. After about 5mins of driving my truck today, the water in fuel light came on. After which I took the truck straight home maybe mile of driving total. I have owned truck for nearly 2yrs and it has never come on before, so I don't think it is faulty in anyway. Not too mention im in NJ and its been between below 0 with wind chill to 40ish.(Yes it has been plugged in whole time)

I remember when I bought the truck the guy that sold it to me mentioned something about that light. And something about a pump he has underneath the truck just for that problem.

I guess my question is If i do and or don't have the pump, exactly what am i to do? Do i hook pump up and drain that way? Replace fuel filter, drain tank, all, etc..? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Bringing a dead topic back cuz I'm a newbie as well. I've had my truck for about 6 months now, but it has pretty much just sat around and had less than 500 miles put on since then. It's been started regularly and driven around the block. Yeah, I know this isn't good for the truck, but money has been really tight and other projects have taken precedence.
However, on several occaisions I have driven my 83 Sierra 3500 and the Water-in-fuel light will come on, but then go back off. I changed both of the fuel filters, but it still will occaisionally come on. Thoughts?
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