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"Water In Fuel" Light came on

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Hi all? I have a problem.. After about 5mins of driving my truck today, the water in fuel light came on. After which I took the truck straight home maybe mile of driving total. I have owned truck for nearly 2yrs and it has never come on before, so I don't think it is faulty in anyway. Not too mention im in NJ and its been between below 0 with wind chill to 40ish.(Yes it has been plugged in whole time)

I remember when I bought the truck the guy that sold it to me mentioned something about that light. And something about a pump he has underneath the truck just for that problem.

I guess my question is If i do and or don't have the pump, exactly what am i to do? Do i hook pump up and drain that way? Replace fuel filter, drain tank, all, etc..? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Replace the fuel filter and keep a spare filter with you at all times. Do NOT drive it any more until you change the filter.

See the DIY section for instructions.

How many miles on that filter any way?
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