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waste of money?

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i have an 02 LB7, im running a 4" turbo back, PPE economy on 120HP, and a PPE boost valve. That should be good for just under 450HP at the crank. I have read that shift kits like transgo or PPE can handle 450-500HP. If this is the most HP i will be running for a while would it be a good idea to just get a shift kit? Do they really hold the power or are they just going to prolong tranny damage? If i had the $$$$ id get the PPE stage V that holds 1000HP and 1500ftlbs but.....i dont have an extra $4000:eek: I know the stock allison should be ok with the power BUT to be honest im scared of breaking it:rolleyes: . I just wana play with it and not break it, or break the bank!
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You should be alright with that...a multi-disk convertor would be a good idea such as yitsock stated. It all depends on your driving style as how it will hold up. Definitely don't be going balls out into 5th gear otherwise the tranny will probably limp
i run mine in extreme all day long after it warms up, runs great and no problems so far...as soon as the wallet gets fatter a suncost 3 or 4 will be on order. you should be alright, im probably around the same power output, maybe a touch higher. I thought about a transgo jr. since mine is the six speed but im just goin to hold out and do the whole thing at once.
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