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Warranty on New Injection Pumps

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Newbie here ! I recently purchased a '94 GMC K3500 6.5 TD. I have receipt where previous owner put a new GM IP on it in 2002 and that was 78,000 km ago ? Dealer is saying I need a new IP and that the one put on in 2002 would have a 1yr warranty. I am reading otherwise on here (Strouty-GM had to issue a new warranty on injection pumps so if it is within 11 yrs or 120k you can make them replace it). Can anyone clarify this for me ? Does warranty only apply to original purchaser ? HELP !!! as they have ordered the new part ! NB Cowboy
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special warranty applies only to the trucks mileage. you are somewhat outta luck as the one in 2002 is only 1 year warrantee.
Based on model year, you are out of the running for extended warranty policy.... but since you are here, what's up with the truck. Most dealers start of diagnostics with the injection pump replacement. (only the most expensive part to change)

Have a look around here. Try out the diagnostic checklist and post some of the issues that you are having. You might be very pleased to find that most issues are not fixed with an injection pump, but you've got to do your homework.

Fire away, and welcome aboard! By the way, put your truck in your signature and cruise into "Welcome new forum member" thread for the how-to-do stuff 'round these parts. All links available below in signature line.
Diagnostic Checklist

New to this site and slowly learning. Can't find how to start new thread. so here goes :
Truck is at dealer before discovering this site so no lift pump test done. Dealer says it needs new lift pump,injector pump and starter ($3,800. cost)
Service Engine Light was intermittent
1994 GMC 3500 6.5LTD 4 wh dr 4 dr Crewcab. Purchased Nov 2006
Odometer Reading 360,200km
New Engine at about 200,000km (2001); New Transmission at about 250,000km (2001) New Injection Pump at 282,000km (2002)
No Engine codes.
Air Filter & Fuel Filter just replaced at 360,000km.
Batteries brand new and terminals cleaned and tightened.Matched Set.
Unknown if rad hose gets hard on cold start. Never checked.
Yes, excessive white smoke on startup.
Yes excessive cranking time before start.
Do have a block heater. Doesn't seem to effect engine start.
No excessive black smoke during acceleration.
No unusual exhaust smoke issues.
Didn't do turbo check...Dealer has truck.
Unknown whether EGR on engine.
Using #2 Diesel
Used fuel additives once problem with hesitating. Fuel Conditioner.
Eastern Canada
Have all receipts up to 4/2002 (NB Power owned). Have nothing from then to now, but less than 78,000km put on since then.
No modifications known.
No large vaccuum when unscrew fuel cap.
Location of PMD/FSD unknown. Never knew there was such a thing until on this site.
Assume glow plugs are working. Light says it is.
Purchased Nov 2006. Replaced air,fuel & oil filters,changed oil and fixed oil leak on Jan 18th. On January 20 vehicle started hesitating like fuel was gelling (-27 Celsius that day with windchill factor). Added in fuel conditioner. Situation deteriorated, stalled a couple of times, quit running. Towed to dealer and they say it needs new lift pump, injector pump and starter.
Any help would be appreciated as dealer has ordered parts !
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I would call them first thing in the morning (Monday a.m.) and tell them to hold off - get the specifics as to LP and IP requirements, (do not even mention metallic particles - let them open that c-o-w's) pay the estimate fee, and report back here, asap.

Long crank-to-start and white fumes means too much fuel, or not enough heat to lite it off = glow plug problems.

If they do bring up the metal in the fuel scenario, make them prove it - pull the fuel filter and look in your filter cannister, better yet, stick a magnet in there - you can see metal particles.

The filter element is between there and the Inj Pump, so any particles in the tank came from the DS4, not vice versa - you really got problems, then.

And, forgive them, as they know not what they do - only, that it's really big money if you got two square holes in your front bumper.....................
Update : Truck still laying dead at the dealer !

I went to the dealer on Monday. Parts had come in but I told him to hold off for a bit until I researched this a bit more.
Asked for more details on there diagnostics. They said no fuel pressure at filter housing. Lift pump not operating. (Recommended new lift pump $288.00) They bypassed it using their own to get fuel to filter housing. Truck still would not start. Noted engine rpm dropping to 0. Went thru diagnostics. Throws no codes. (Recommended Replace Injector pump $2200.00)
I told them I was not truly convinced that I need this $2200. pump. Showed them a report where Stanadyne reported that over 50% of all warranty returned DS4 pumps didn't have a thing wrong with them when tested at their service facilities. Found the local service provider for Stanadyne and think my next step will be to have the dealer remove the injector pump and I will take it to the Stanadyne service provider for repair or rebuild. This pump only has 78,000k on it.
Any input on this from anyone would be appreciated ?
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Hey Cowboy, it just sucks when a guys truck is down. I know. BUT do yourself a favor and spend some more time reading on this site...it's well worth it!! These are great guys here and they are a whole lot smarter than they say they are.
Sounds like you are on the right track with telling the dealer to just hold off a bit.
All the parts they want to just throw on the truck at your expense may not be needed.

Have fun.
Thanks for the input !

I was hoping to hear from Texas Diesel Guy to get some input but he hasn't been on since we found this site. We're getting so many options thrown at us !!!!!!!!!!! Hard to know what to do !
First thing to do is fix the lift pump.

That would be a bad pump only if it's not running with 12 volts applied, or it's running and not pumping. so check for 12 volts at the pump. If it's running make sure it's getting fuel from the tank without air.

Most of the time it's only the oil pressure switch. You could bypass the ops and see if the pump runs.

As stated lots of info on this site. A few minutes in the FAQs on lift pump and you can solve that problem.

Easily changed yourself for a lot less than $288 if needed.

If the SES light was coming on then there were codes. Maybe they cleared them.
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