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WAP glow plugs

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There has been a lot of talk lately about who sells the WAP 'quick heat' glow plugs....

The ones I have installed in my truck were bought from indusa....

Here is a link to WAP's webpage indicating who sells their plugs...you will notice that SS Diesel makes the list...

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I had all round bad experience with those unfortunately. All started with shipping. Man UPS sure nails us Canucks w/ those brokerage fees and stuff. I got the set of 8 from SS diesel for $60.00 US plus ~$10 US for shipping (or so i thought). UPS gets them to my place while i'm at work. They left a note on the door telling me i owe them money. After a half hours drive to the edmonton UPS distribution center (they absolutely would not deliver outside the noon-2pm time window so i had to pick them up) and $30 US later, I had my plugs. Total: $100 plus diesel fuel for driving.

I installed 5 of them. 2 on the pass side had fused terminal connectors and i couldn't unplug the old ones. I could have busted them off but didn't have the material to replace the connectors that night. Needed truck back in service so said the heck with them. I don't know why i didn't replace the far back one (pass side). Good thing i didn't.

Now, all the plugs i took out (9G) were in great shape. No swelling etc. Plugged them into 12V and glowed red after a couple seconds. All 5 tested about 1.3-1.6 ohms.

Well, 10 months later when fall returned, really bad starting. Worse then usual. I suspected glows. Tested the 5 i put in and 2 were dead (infinite resistance IIRC). I had the old 9Gs so i put em' back in. Started much better. Still using them today. My starting still sucks so out come the original injectors when i get time.
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