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WAP glow plugs

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There has been a lot of talk lately about who sells the WAP 'quick heat' glow plugs....

The ones I have installed in my truck were bought from indusa....

Here is a link to WAP's webpage indicating who sells their plugs...you will notice that SS Diesel makes the list...

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It was -16C here this morning and my truck started NOOOOO problem. Not plugged in, 60G Delphi plugs installed in December.


Look at delcodiesel on ebay. $60 for a set of 8 60G delphi glows and shipping is about $12 via USPS (not UPS!)

You can't get anything close to that in Canada.

WAP ENGINEER;1657999; said:
If you have any questions concerning WAP glow plugs, i'm here to address them. I also can answer questions concerning other glow plug manufacturers and controller issues.
Do ya think this guy is for real? Don't you think you'd post an e-mail address or a phone number or something if you really wanted to help.

Great if it's for real, but the needle on my BS detector is starting to move to the right.

I don't have any beef because I didn't buy WAP plugs.

Kennedy;1658370; said:
Yes he's for real. I spoke with him Wednesday and they are taking this seriously. WAP has stood up and taken notice. My hope is that we can beef them up to withstand 15 second glow times with repeated afterglows.

My customers (hopefully) have sent in their failed plugs for warranty. It will be a couple of weeks until there is a test plug available.

Jason can share what details he wants from here...
Well that's good to know. Good job to you and him for getting some help to the guys that are having problem. It's nice to see someone stand behind their product, that they sell (you) and make (Jason).

My hat is off to both of you.

1 - 4 of 71 Posts
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