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WAP glow plugs

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There has been a lot of talk lately about who sells the WAP 'quick heat' glow plugs....

The ones I have installed in my truck were bought from indusa....

Here is a link to WAP's webpage indicating who sells their plugs...you will notice that SS Diesel makes the list...

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Interesting, from the WAP website:

>Our defective rate last year was .00007%, that is 7 pieces per million. <

>WAP, Inc. is a subsidiary of Shares, Inc., a private not-for-profit agency that provides services and programs for people with disabilities in three central Indiana counties, Shelby, Han****, and Rush. As a part of its scope, Shares, Inc. provides custom packaging, small parts assembly, inspection, and salvage/repair services to a broad range of customers, including WAP, Inc.<
>Kennedy sells "quick-heats" - $80 US per set
1 yr replacement warranty<

I just received the Kennedy glow plugs and they are Wellman brand. Granted I have not heard of them before.
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