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WAP glow plugs

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There has been a lot of talk lately about who sells the WAP 'quick heat' glow plugs....

The ones I have installed in my truck were bought from indusa....

Here is a link to WAP's webpage indicating who sells their plugs...you will notice that SS Diesel makes the list...

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There has also been a lot of talk about the short lifespan of the plugs, Chris...

How have yours lasted? Can anybody else comment on these?
Kennedy sells "quick-heats" - $80 US per set
1 yr replacement warranty

Heath sells "Sure starts" = $109 US per set
4 yr replacement warranty

SSDiesel sells "Instant Heats" = $69US per set
1 yr replacement, max 2 plugs per set

DSG Canada sells "DSG Glow Plugs(?)" = $167.28 CDN per set (ouch)
1 yr replacement warranty

Those Autozone AC60Gs you mentioned are looking better all the time, David.
I'm gonna go check out local parts guys, but I may be sending you a money order...
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SSdiesel and Kennedy appear to sell the WAP plugs. Not sure about Heath and DSG, but Heath's 4-yr warranty looks better than either of the 1 yr warranties, or SSDiesel's 2-plug replacement limit ... what's with that???

I'm almost afraid to look and see what my local guys are asking... but I will.

Heck, I even went over and looked on A1Customs' website, but they don't appear to handle glowplugs. Maybe they arent something you can make in a basement.

(uh-oh... Did I say that out loud? My inside voice got to the outside again)
Kennedy;1665984; said:
Glow time is varaible based on ECT. It's pretty easy to make these things start with programming or plugging in.
Uh-huh... see above post about winter in Saskatchewan.

Changing the programming vis-a-vis ECT input is beyond the range of most of us backyard mechanics...

Provision of a portable current bush would likely work, but is also impractical.

Kennedy said:
If you still need to manually operate the plugs, I'd suggest using very brief post start glow cycles.
That sounds pretty good, but if you want to use it post-start, you gotta get it to start, first (see above post on Winter in Saskatchewan)

Kennedy said:
It's also quite easy to use the OE relay to run longer cycles manually particularly on the 94-5 models.
Now there's an idea I can get my head around.

Thing about 94/95 models is they don't want to re-do a complete glow cycle until things sit for too long, which is why manual control works so well.

Glow, turn over a bit, glow again, start, feather fuel, pray for Spring to come sooner ...

Or use FyshGuide's wife's hairdryer into the air intake for 5 minutes. (Assuming, of course, that you have access to a portable current bush to run the hair dryer)

Or move south. WAY south.
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Thanks for the update, sir. Nice to know this is being handled!
oh sure ... NOW he asks! :)

Where were you at the start of the winter? LOL
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