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Ok folks you wanted them, you paid for them and you've waited for them, well the wait is almost over.

Except for Stoner, A64Pilot because we're trying to arrange an in person delivery and 2 other gentleman that I've contacted privately(because I'm human and screwed up) and can only offer each 1 set vs the 2 sets they each paid for.
So I'm waiting on a resolution from them. Anyhow for everyone else........


Everything went Priority Mail and if they deliver as promised most of you should see your sets in the next 2-3 business days.

I except for my personal messup am relieved. I'm still not overly crazy with the final look of the spring steel because of the two aluminum rivets I use to attach it. If I ever come up with a better way to pretty it up I will, but for now I'm stuck. It's the one thing with these straps I'm not totally pleased with the finals.

I just hope that when you all receive them that you find them not only worth the money you paid for them, but worth the wait as well due to difficult circumstances and the headache of design.

I also hope that these give you many trouble free years of service. The only issue I forsee with these is an occasional binding of the hinge point(much like the original factory style suffered) due to dirt, salt, whatever. I don't forsee it being an huge issue except for occasionally requiring an air blow cleaning and maybe a little drop of lubricating oil from time to time.

Should anyone truly hate these when they get them(which I assume will happen with at least a few people) I will gladly refund your purchase price if they are returned to me, minus the shipping charges of course.

One last thing, when you do get these and get them installed I would like some honest feedback. Feel free to say it in open forum as well if you choose. While I did my best with these, there's always room for improvement and only by hearing back from you will I know if they're are any unknown problems I need to correct for.

Last of all, thank you for your support and patience.


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