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I don't visit this site often enough to know if this has already been talked about, so I appologize if it has.

The new comming LLY has a variable nozzle turbocharger. It is computer controlled, hydrolically opperated and eliminates the need for a wast gate.

The new LLY also has an EGR valve with a passage way that is cooled with engine coolant. And a new style of glow plugs that heat up to max temp in 3 seconds or less....3 seconds max at extreme cold temps.

Also, (the best part) the valve covers have been re-desighned to make injector testing/replacing MUCH easier!!!

A tech can replace all 8 injectors in an estimated 2.5 hours instead of 10-15 hours. But the injectors them selves were also updated, so lets all hope the injector problem was taken care of too with the new LLY.

Looks like the new Dmax will have a pretty nice powerplant over the older units...only about 10 more horse, but much easier to work on! Makes repair bills cheaper.
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