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I completed the conversion of my 2000 Express 3500 to a truck 06 LBZ/Allison. I'm running the 06 LBZ truck harness, ecm, tcm and bcm. Pretty much have everything sorted out except that I'm not logging any new miles on my IPC (06 duramax van donor for the IPC), but speedo, cruise and all else on the IPC works.

I pulled the drwgs for IPC inputs and on the LBZ trucks they have both Class 2 data and a seperate VSS feeding the speedometer. On the van it only has a class 2 input.

Is there a difference in the makeup of the class2 data between truck and van such that the IPC would receive the class2 speed data but not get something it's looking for to log new miles?
There is one other variable. I did send this IPC out to have the mileage reset to match my vans miles, it is possible that they damaged just the odometer functionality when they did that. I'm getting another IPC to swap in and check that out.
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