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using scan tool to help with tuning ?'s

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I am still pretty new to EFILive and although I have made a few tunes I am still kinda in the dark about useing scan tool to help with tuning. I know how to select what PID's I want and how to record data but I am not sure how to correlate it and tuning. How do I know where to add fuel or timing or boost? Whats the easiest way to set things up? Do you look at the gauge panel the graph or just the data page? How do you run your logs ie: just driveing around or full throttle blast from stop to wherever? I also dont understand the maps at all can someone explain them to me?
I know I am missing a big part of this and I know this will help out emensly when i tune so any help is appreciated. THANKS

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carcrafter22;1543865; said:
is there a way to make the scantool highlight specific spots on a table as you are going through the log like lets say you are looking at the middle of the log and then you click over to another window that has that logged tune on it will it highlight whatever you are looking at in the scan tool. am I making any sense? is there a way to do this? I think there is a way to do it with the maps I saw something about it in the scantool manual but I couldnt get it to work any help thanks
Check out this thread. I think this is what you are looking for.

Happy Tuning.
Try opening up your tune first and go to a table you want to "watch". Then open up a cooresponding log file with the scan tool. Start to play the log file. Switch back to the opened tune table and you should see individual cells highlighted that match up to the log file. The above mentioned thread has some good info on the cal_link.txt file that plays into this functionality.
I just opened one of the sample logs and one one of my tunes, received the VIN mismatch error, but was still able to watch the RPM bounce around one of the tables. So... I don't think that is the issue. Curious though why it is showing up in your case.

This bites. I am running out of ideas.
carcrafter22;1545903; said:
well i have been trying to get this to work all day and I cant so i emailed the efilive team my log and tune and theycouldnt get it to work either so they are now looking into it. I will let you all know how they fix it.
I know it sounds strange, but it makes me feel a little bit better that we were not missing something really stupid. The EFILive crew are top notch, I am sure they will figure it out. I will be curious to know what is happening.
carcrafter22;1549791; said:
GREAT I love this place, Ross and co. you guys are awsome
x2. Great support and top notch service.
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