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using scan tool to help with tuning ?'s

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I am still pretty new to EFILive and although I have made a few tunes I am still kinda in the dark about useing scan tool to help with tuning. I know how to select what PID's I want and how to record data but I am not sure how to correlate it and tuning. How do I know where to add fuel or timing or boost? Whats the easiest way to set things up? Do you look at the gauge panel the graph or just the data page? How do you run your logs ie: just driveing around or full throttle blast from stop to wherever? I also dont understand the maps at all can someone explain them to me?
I know I am missing a big part of this and I know this will help out emensly when i tune so any help is appreciated. THANKS

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sierradiesel thanks but thats what I have been doing and it has helped alot but I am interested in learning more about the scan tool I have already read the scantool manual twice and it helps but would like some personall ideas like cobra 3747

cobra 3747 that is exactly what I started to do this afternoon I stared at the chart for about and hour. i went back and forth between it and the tune I had logged and started to see some correlations.

is there a way to make the scantool highlight specific spots on a table as you are going through the log like lets say you are looking at the middle of the log and then you click over to another window that has that logged tune on it will it highlight whatever you are looking at in the scan tool. am I making any sense? is there a way to do this? I think there is a way to do it with the maps I saw something about it in the scantool manual but I couldnt get it to work any help thanks
its not very accurate trust me I wouldnt use it. I played with it for a little while and took it off its nowhere near accurate
if you go here http://videos.streetfire.net/video/f3f58fb4-1e26-4467-8342-989b017c087a.htm and watch the video about 2 min and 45 sec into it they explain and show what I am wanting to do I just dont know how to make it happen
I have been trying what you said but cant get it to highlight I will look at the thread you gave the link for
when I open both the scan tool and tuning tool at the same time and try to view a log a message appears saying there is a vin mismatch between the log and tune. do you think this could be why its not showing highlighted data. I know there is not a vin mismatch do i need to enter my vin somewhere
me too. its just my luck
why you little... hey your in texarkana hows it goin i live just south of ft.worth,tx

yeah i have the newest version of efi i wrote an email to efi support asking whats wrong im sure they can answer the question i will post back here when i find out i think this will help alot of people
my tuning tables do not have the {link:xx.xxxx} anywhere at anytime what am I doing wrong? I have both highlight scan tool selection in tuning maps and runway highlighting selected and at first the far right and bottom cells were highlighted but after closeing the scan tool and reopening nothing is highlighted in the tuning tool. Now what did I do? and yes you do have to treat me like I am a computer idiot. because I am.
well i have been trying to get this to work all day and I cant so i emailed the efilive team my log and tune and theycouldnt get it to work either so they are now looking into it. I will let you all know how they fix it.
no not yet but I am looking forward to it i will in the next couple of days and let ya know. I was thinking of going to the track this weekend and tearin up the tranny if I can come home.
I'm still waiting on efi support to get back with me. I'll let ya know what happens. stay tuned
now thats top notch service thanks EFI team
GREAT I love this place, Ross and co. you guys are awsome
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