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The Hypertec programmer will only work on 1 truck at a time. In effect, the programmer copies the stock program into itself, then places the new "tunning" into the ECM to give you the added power. That means that the only program still in the Hypertec at that time is the stock program, not the tunning (it is in your truck).

Here is the deal though, if you leave the tunning in the truck and take it to a dealer and they reprogram the truck with the latest GM software, you will loose the power tunning. Remember the program in your Hypertec at that point is the stock program, not the power tunning.

I have read on here that for a small fee, if you send it to them and explain what happened, Hypertec will reflash the programmer so you can get the power tunning back again. The best thing is just to remove the power tunning before the truck goes to the dealer, but not everyone knows that.

In your case, I wonder which program you have in there?:rolleyes: The power tunning, or the stock program from someone's truck? :eek:
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