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Upgraded OEM replacment filter

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I have been following the latest fuel filter discussions and wonder does anyone make a better OEM replacement filter?

I will install a second unit if I have to, but wouldn't an upgraded OEM filter replacement provide better protection with the existing equipment?

If not seems like this is a great business opportunity for someone.
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The real drawback is being mounted on the engine block directly. Those kinds of vibrations along with injection harmonics could reduce your filters capabilties.
chipper said:
Frank Blum had some pretty good looking numbers on his last fuel analysis, filter mounted on A/C bracket.
Yes they were and that's good news. I'm wondering if he added rubber isolation spacers to it? I thought he was going to.

Lone Eagle... ??
George Morrison is the prefilter king. He prefilters his fuel before putting it in his tank. The reason being, if you start off with clean fuel, a good final filter is able to do a much better job.

Your idea is similar to simply using a 2 micron post OEM filter. That's what I do. Let the OEM take out the rocks and sticks and a secondary filter for the rest through a large, high quality filter.

What's most important is your results.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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