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Hey guys I'm new here. Just bought a 04 Silveraldo
2500HD Ext Cab,4X4. Looking to upgrade. Wanting to get
some info and a upgrade for the air filter system..ie
K&N...ect. And a secondard fuel filter system. Family
construction company is going to the DMAX. My dad's truck
was the first to be bought and at 100,000 miles down the
WV Turnpike something went wrong with the injector.
Dealership covered it, plus he was in the process of
buying a new one and trading that one in. They said the
injector was stuck open. Haven't got it back to find out
for sure what was wrong. FYI the truck was fully stock.
We purchased three 2500HD DMAX work truck basically.
Haven't had any problems yet. We have been running Chevy
gas since 95 and have had the best luck. We were retiring
trucks with 200,000 to 300,000 miles on them and still
a good running truck.

Also anyone have had/heard any problems with anti-locks
in the 01 2500 Ext Cab 4X4, gas. Traded that one is for
the DMAX. Anti-locks were kicking in at moderate braking.

Just wondering.
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