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Well fella's I'm beginning to get a little cranky and so is the little Mrs' although the dealer has been very supportive. Our new pull dog, "The Silver Fox" was downloaded fresh from the factory from her railcar in the ATL railyard last Monday at 9:45am where she still sits awaiting dealer transport. It took her approximately 5 days to travel from Flint, Mi. to ATL and it has so far taken 4 more day's just waiting for her ride to take her the last 70 miles.:( The dealer offered to send a lot jockey up to the railyard and drive her back to the dealership but we said "NO"!!! Then they offered to go up themselves with a privately contracted transporter but we also declined that offer due to reasons I won't go in to here. So; we wait for our new baby to make the last 70 mile trip to the dealer. Could be today, could be next week, could be next month; who knows. Details to follow.

Truck on!!!:cool:
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