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Thats right my truck wont shut off. Heres the story, ill keep it short i promise.

Facts.....2006 Chevy 4x4 LT3 CC LLY D-max Allison; bought brand new Sept 5. Never 1 problem, took it in for the P/S hose recall and it checked out fine. Currently 6500 miles, 215 hrs.

Story.....I got mech. boost & electric egt gauges and a pillar mount for X-mas. I installed the gauges this weekend, and in the process of doing so, i wanted to tap into the dimmer switch so when i dimmed the interior lights, the gauges would follow suit. I pulled the "facia" or cover off the dash to free the headlight switch setup. To do this i turned the key to "run" and pulled the gear shift lever into 1st gear, pulled the dash, returned the lever to "Park" and turned the key to off. I found my Brown/White wire, hacked into it, and put the dash back together.

Whats going on now.....(1)"Check Engine" light is on 24/7 whether or not key is in ignition.
(2)Door "Ding" occurs when any door is open wether or not key is in ignition.
(3)Truck does fire up, but stumbles like its out of fuel, usually the idle comes up to normal w/in 5 seconds.
(4)Interior lights are on as long as any door is open (normal) or as long engine is running or key is in "Run" position.
(5)Return key to "Off" position and the truck continues to idle, the Park brake light comes on, as well as the ABS light, when key is pulled from ignition.---You cannot put it in gear when the key is out, the lever wont move.
(6)"Service 4wd" displays on the DIC
(7)This is the third time it has happened. I worked on the truck in our shop Saturday, i moved it out of the shop Saturday and that was #1. I left it all day Sunday, didnt even look at it. This morning my brother went to move it and it would keep dying when he would put it in gear. Made it about 30 feet and gave up. I go out this evening and move it about 50 feet, out of the way, and into our parking overhang and throw it in park and it ran for 20 minutes with me turning the key to "Run", Off, "Run", Off, back and forth.

(8)All of the sudden it will shut off like nothing was ever wrong.

...This is all with the exception of today at 2pm my Dad jumps in fires it up and moves it and he said nothing was wrong excpet the Check Engine light was on. Fired up and turned it off fine.

...I called OnStar when it happened this evening and they ran their "Remote Diagnostics" but found nothing wrong, The lady was extremely nice and helpful, but theres not many people that can help us when its 11pm-2am depending on where you are right now. I have an appointment with the Dealership for Wednesday at 7.30 am.

I have a scanner, but i need to update it for 2006 model yr vehicles. Im gonna try and do that tomorrow. But the craziest thing...The gauges are only mounted. They are not hooked up. There are no holes in the firewall or anything yet, i only got them mounted and tied up the wires/tubing under the dash board. I have another vehicle to get around, so im not in desperate need of transportation, i just dont know whats wrong.

I am thinking its some security device or something.. anyone have an idea?

Does anyone know what is up with my truck?? :help:

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Sounds like a definite PCM issue to me--since it's computer/electronics related, you won't be able to do much without a Tech 2 from the dealer.
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