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The Truck - 2003 Chevy Silverado, 2500HD, Duramax, Allison trans. It has had injectors replaced about 7 months ago, but I don't recall how many or which ones.

The Problem - Occasionally the truck will die when accelerating at high speeds (getting onto the freeway for example). You have to pull over and stop before the truck can be restarted.

The dealer is said the problem is due to the ignition switch and not under warrantee, $270 bucks. The code reported was U1041.

Picked the truck up yesterday after they put in a new ignition switch. Today the engine died on the freeway when the stop and go traffic opened up and I accelerated. The truck will not restart when in nuetral and rolling. The only way to get it restarted to is to pull over and put it in park.

Any ideas?

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