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I have 3 of these turbos and am wondering any info on them. They look like new although the info supplied with them say they are remanufactured. This may be a question for just guys with access to a Ford part catalog.

The box says made in USA with the part # E8HZ-6K82-ARM. At the bottom there are also two seperate codes, unlabeled Q9XYAR and 062294.

The turbo is a Garret. On the intake side A/R .70 is on it with a circled 25 and circled 2 near it. Also written on it is DV aand M12. On the exhaust side M1 is written with A/R 1.00. There appears to be a date 25-01-94 on the exhaust side as well. Near the date is TL-1.

Installation instructions come with it too. It says its for a 93 (the instructions were printed for). Number on them is IS-6577

My questions are:

Can these be used on non-ford diesels?

Will it fit more than a 93?

If I just give the turbine and compressor numbers would that be enough info to sell?

Any info would be greatly appreicaited.
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