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Are TSBs covered under a GMPP Major Guard extended warranty or only under the 3/36 Factory warranty?

Thanks in advance,


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I have Major Guard on my Suburban and it's the best thing I could have done. This is a list of things not covered. If a TSB has to do with one of these then I believe it's not covered.

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0 valign="top">
<TD vAlign=top colSpan=2>
<LI>Non-Covered Parts
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0 valign="top">
<TD rowSpan=2>
<TD vAlign=top width=290>
<LI>Maintenance services and parts (refer to coverage agreement)
<LI>Sealed beams
<LI>Light bulbs
<LI>Components not installed by the vehicle manufacturer
<LI>Sheet metal
<LI>Body panels and parts
<LI>Convertible or vinyl tops
<LI>Molding or bright metal

Every other part is covered!
<TD vAlign=top width=190>
<LI>Air and water leaks
<LI>Wind noise
<LI>Contaminated fuel system
<LI>Exhaust system
<LI>Catalytic converter
<LI>Brake drums/rotors
<LI>Brake pads/shoes
<LI>Shock absorbers
<LI>Spark plugs and wires
<LI>Manual clutch disc </LI>[/list]

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Sid is right, GMPP probably is the best warr out there for GM cars, they might not have the longest terms or whatever. But they are the most trouble free people for us to deal with.. often times things get approved with out hassles


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I thought the Catalytic converter was covered under the emissions warranty for 5 years.

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We had the GMPP on our 99 Tahoe, and the seat heater in the passenger seat quit working. When I took it in they told me Upholstery was not covered. I went to the Credit Manager that sold me the GMPP, he made a phone call, and was told the electric seat heaters were in fact covered. The service manager submitted it as defective Upholstrey, not defective electrical. It turned out the service manager didn't take the time to look it up before he submitted the request. So if they say something isn't covered make sure they submittted it the proper way!!!!
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