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Installed fuel filter and tranny filter, and changed differential lub at 5.2 K. The fuel filter was slightly dirty in a spot 1/2to 1 inch wide (almost new looking) and the can was clean, no rust. Have a cat filter in the pre filter positionn so the OEM only functionded 3K by its self. Made a mess changing the FF. Drained the fuel into a can as required and then tipped the can over trying to get it out. Next time I'll drain the FF thru a hose into a can on the ground. Then when tightening the new filter the strap wrench slipped and I krinkled the can. Have pictures of the filter if someone can tell me how load it. Incidently I don't have a fancy filter cutter so I just put the filter in my vise and cut it with a hack saew, took about 2 minutes. Thanks for the advice Eric. Edited by: Bill Gisse
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