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From previous post--"Truck "pops" since new exhaust installed.
It could have been doing it all along and I did not notice.

Since my decatification and new exhaust my truck pops through exhaust.

It only happens with torque convertor locked, coasting, I apply the brake and the torque convertor unlocks, the tach goes from about 1000 rpm to about 500 or so then back to about 800 and truck pops. I can hear it in the exhaust almost like a backfire on a gasser, but not so loud. No codes stored, no SES light. Truck nomally idles at about 575RPM when warm, good smooth idle.
Any ideas?"

Above quote from my previous post. I installed a FSD/PMD that I bought off the auction site for $80.00 to test with plans to keep as spare. Popping went away.... Idle is good. Put on old one and problem returned. Both have same number....Good deal as it was shipped from CANADA...No duty or freight.
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